Two-speed vertical abrasive belt grinder with tilting workpiece support surface for greater ease of work. The C shape of the head, with a recess of 380 x 355, is equipped with a series of holes for fixing accessories capable of radically transforming their characteristics and possible uses. The assembly and replacement of the accessories are simple and quick, they are fixed with four screws that are already complete and ready for use. The worktop or the entire swiveling assembly can be easily disassembled from the machine to improve the use of accessories. The belt tension system, equipped with an adjustable helical spring, allows the use of belts from 12 to 100 mm wide and automatically locks at the end of the stroke to guarantee replacement with safety and speed. With the correct accessories it is possible to work with free horizontal or inclined vertical belt, particularly suitable for cleaning and polishing round parts, with abrasive or felt belts.

Technical specifications

Abrasive belt sizemm 2000 x 12/100
Abrasive belt speedm/sec 30/15
Sliding belt support dimensionmm 80 x 380
Working support dimensionmm 500 x 450
Air consumptionm³/h 700
Maximum dimensionsmm 680 x 1100 x 1480
Approx weightkg 148