Abrasive belt grinder for the cleaning of corner welds and for the creation of spokes on rectangular pieces such as boxes, at double speed it allows to work angles of maximum height 145 mm on a support surface adjustable in height and inclination. Spoking system with two-roller fork on which abrasive belt slides, the adjustable oscillation of the rollers both in the angle and in the fulcrum allow to obtain the desired radius from R = 1 to R = 10 or cleaning with a sharp edge. The adjustment of the plane by means of a handwheel guarantees the best exploitation and correct bending of the belts of adequate width for the height of the piece.
Equipped with hood for dust extraction and electrical system in an easy-to-use watertight box.

Technical specifications

Abrasive belt sizemm 2000 x 150
Rollers dimensionmm 50 x 150
Abrasive belt cutting speedm/sec 24/12
Support surface dimensionmm 600 x 250
Maximum dimensionsmm 910 x 1330 x 1560
Approx weightkg 120