Two speed abrasive belt grinder for internal and external cleaning operations on linear and shaped pieces. Equipped with a large work surface that can be tilted from – 45 ° to + 30 ° pivoted at the point of contact with the abrasive belt and equipped with a large graduated scale to make adjustments easy. Column base with adjustable support to perform inclined workings with horizontal support surface and make the operation easier without sliding the piece. Interchangeable belt tensioner arms, both flat and rounded or round to allow various types of processing. Available arm suitable for the removal of welding seams on closed ring tubes with a diameter of up to 60 mm, allowing to work both on the contact wheel and on the free belt. The machine is designed for connection to a suction system that will pick up the dust produced during processing in different positions.

Technical specifications

Abrasive belt sizemm 2000 x 6/75
Abrasive belt speed m/sec 15/30
Support table dimensionmm 450 x 450
Sliding belt overhang surfacemm 190
Air consumptionm³/h 700
Maximum dimensionsmm 500 x 670 x 1330
Approx weightfrom kg 97 a 105