Free abrasive belt grinding machine for deburring and cleaning operations on shaped pieces with head adjustable in height. The 12 to 50 mm wide belt slides vertically or inclined 45 ° in both directions and can easily follow the profile of the pieces by flexing. The inclination adjustment is very agile by acting on practical knobs, as well as the replacement of the belt is simple and rapid without the need for special adjustments. Prepared for the attachment of a self-filtering suction system that collects the dust produced during processing.

Technical specifications

Abrasive belt sizemm 2000 x 12/50
Abrasive belt speedm/sec 24
Rollers dimensionmm 70 x 50
Notch free tapemm 125 x 350
Air consumptionm³/h 480
Maximum dimensionsmm 400 x 1100 x 1250
Approx weightkg 87