Corner Welding machine CWS 200/300 for working with TIG or plasma welding machines, with sturdy structure equipped with guides for supporting and moving the welding torch.

Pneumatic system for fixing the piece by copper guides, so as to keep the temperature of the piece within optimal values.

The corner welding machine CWS 200/300 is designed to weld corners of bent parts in carbon steels, stainless steel and aluminum. The operator places the piece on the table and presses the lock button. The corner to be welded must touch the external copper guide. The piece is anchored from the inside with a pneumatic cylinder.

By pressing the START button the torch positions itself at the initial welding point and starts welding. The numerical control and dedicated software allow you to save all the work parameters necessary to perform repeated operations.

The parameters that the operator can set are many on the torch and on the welding adjustment.

To carry out the welding, the copper group consisting of an external unit with height of 200 or 300 mm and an internal unit with a height equal to the angle to be welded.

A refrigeration system is avalable on request, recommended to avoid the black on the piece.

The machine has been designed for welding on two axis X and Y

Technical specifications

Minimum piece dimensionmm 100 x 100
Working table dimensionmm 820 x 820
Maximum height of cornermm 200 / 300
Welding variable speedmm/sec da 0 a 20