High performance industrial brushing machine with 2 speed or electronically variable speed motor. The machine was created for heavy cleaning and polishing operations on pieces of any shape and material. The brush protection guards are adjustable in height, depth and rotation, and are equipped with a small extendable final guard; the rotation speed of the brush holder shaft is electronically variable to always ensure the optimal cutting speed. The brush holder shaft works on two large diameter bearings with the last one near the brush to ensure maximum rigidity. Prepared for the connection of a suction system, it can be fitted with a spreader accessory for polishing the pieces.

Technical specifications

Brush maximum widthmm 100
Approx weightfrom kg 280

mod. 761

Brush diameter min/maxmm 350/600
Brush holder shaft heightmm 620/820
Maximum dimensionsmm 750 x 910 x 1160

mod. 791

Brush diameter min/maxmm 500/960
Brush holder shaft heightmm 860
Maximum dimensionsmm 800 x 1300 x 1400