Brushing machine, High-performance industrial cleaner with 2-speed motor, designed for heavy operations on pieces of pipes. Machine body designed to have the smallest possible size, leaving ample movement for the piece to be machined, which can also accommodate an abrasive spreader group for polishing. Manually adjustable horizontal movement system to absorb differences in diameter as a result of brush wear. The motor is positioned in the rear part of the machine and is equipped with an electronically adjustable electric brake, the transmission is with V-belts. Contrast group in steel with gearmotor, with grooved rubber roller. Inclination system of the contrast roller and adjustment of the diameter to be worked. Pneumatic contrast roller position compensation system with manual adjustment of the working pressure. Piece support in steel with manual adjustment of the position of the support according to the diameters.

Technical specifications

Brush maximum widthmm 100
Brush maximum diametermm 300
Pipe diameter min/maxmm 10/150
Brush shaft rotation speedrpm 275 a 825
Maximum dimensionsmm 800 x 1300 x 1400
Approx weightkg 320