Variable angle bevelling machine Quicker for chamfers at 45° on sheet metal. Chamfer angle variation from 15° to 50°.

Compact and user friendly machine, with fully hardened cutter that allows to chamfer thicknesses up to 30 mm. Direct reading scale for each thickness and special guide for a simple introduction of the material. It does not require any maintenance.

Safety protections that guarantee complete visibility of the cutter during process operations. Quick adjustment of the working angle with an easily accessible handwheel.

Equipped with high rigidity blank holder, it has a precise adjustment of the chamfer size. Very robust and long-lasting cutter, it is necessary to use a different one for each type of material.

Support base with wheels adjustable in height up to 1130 mm height available on request.

Technical specifications

Chamfer at 45° on sheet metal R=40 kgmm 10 x 10
Chamfer at 45° on sheet metal R=60 kgmm 8 x 8
Chamfer angle variation15°-50°
Cutter dimensionmm 98 x 29
Thickness of material to bevelmm 6 -30
Motor PowerkW 1,5
Bevelling speedmm/1° 3600
Approx weightkg 85
Maximum dimensionmm 530 x 650 x 400