Automatic grinder for cleaning welds on edges of boxes at 90 °. Equipped with a large base for supporting the piece with a pneumatic locking system, it can work edges up to 800 or 1500 mm. The piece is positioned on the base and is locked once the width of the piece and the position of the two corners to be machined have been set. Equipped with two operating heads with pads on which the abrasive belt runs. Positioned vertically perpendicular to the piece, they approach the corners to be machined and at the same time the two pads press the belt on the weld to be cleaned.

The working time is determined by PLC according to the quantity of material to be removed. The working pressure is adjustable by PLC before the start of the working process by bringing the head closer to the piece. Control panel with touch screen in front position for easy control by the operator.

Technical specifications

Abrasive belt sizemm 1535 x 35
Abrasive belt cutting speedm/sec 24/12
Working widthmm 200/600
Rollers dimensionmm 50 x 150
Maximum dimension (1 head)mm 1360 x 830 x 1550
Approx weightfrom kg 480