Pick and Place for punching machine

Automated interlocking system for punching machine for loading and unloading sheet metal sheets. Big frame that guarantees excellent stability, movement system on aluminum guides, with n. 21 suction cups with oilproof support for gripping the plate.
Designed for handling 1500 x 3000 mm sheet metal, up to 15 mm thick with a maximum weight of 400 kg per sheet.

Equipped with an independent electrical panel with touch screen, which interfaces directly with the panel of the punching machine allowing to operate automatically with the punching machine.

The sheet is picked up with the suction cup system from the loading position, peeled and measured in thickness. It is brought to the punching machine and placed in the correct working position thanks to sensors that detect the piece; once the punching process is finished, the sheet is picked up again to be taken to the unloading station and a new sheet is taken.

Automatic grinding machine for upper corners

Automatic grinder for cleaning welds on edges of boxes at 90 °. Equipped with a large base for supporting the piece with a pneumatic locking system, it can work edges up to 800 or 1500 mm. The piece is positioned on the base and is locked once the width of the piece and the position of the two corners to be machined have been set. Equipped with two operating heads with pads on which the abrasive belt runs. Positioned vertically perpendicular to the piece, they approach the corners to be machined and at the same time the two pads press the belt on the weld to be cleaned.

The working time is determined by PLC according to the quantity of material to be removed. The working pressure is adjustable by PLC before the start of the working process by bringing the head closer to the piece. Control panel with touch screen in front position for easy control by the operator.

Cartridge filter GDC

Complete range of self-cleaning compressed air cartridge filters made of steel, CE marked and certified. Designed to meet different filtration needs, attractive design, simple to install and with limited energy consumption, allows an output dust concentration of less than 5 mg / Nm3s.

Polluted air enters the filter through a pre-chamber which helps to separate the coarser particles; then the air flow passes through the cartridges depositing the dust on the outside of the cartridges while the clean air is discharged from the filter head. Automatic counter-current cleaning system of the filter media carried out by compressed air, an electronic cyclic panel provides for sequential cleaning of the cartridges. Lower door for quick cartridge extraction and upper door for lung and ventilator maintenance. Filter cartridges in cellulose microfibre or polyester from 7 - 10 -20 m².

Complete with electrical power and control panel with a degree of protection not less than IP55, with automatic main switch, front panel selector for starting in manual-automatic mode and selector for local or remote control of functions.

Smussatrice angolo variabile Quicker

Bevelling machine Quicker

Variable angle bevelling machine Quicker for chamfers at 45° on sheet metal. Chamfer angle variation from 15° to 50°.

Compact and user friendly machine, with fully hardened cutter that allows to chamfer thicknesses up to 30 mm. Direct reading scale for each thickness and special guide for a simple introduction of the material. It does not require any maintenance.

Safety protections that guarantee complete visibility of the cutter during process operations. Quick adjustment of the working angle with an easily accessible handwheel.

Equipped with high rigidity blank holder, it has a precise adjustment of the chamfer size. Very robust and long-lasting cutter, it is necessary to use a different one for each type of material.

Support base with wheels adjustable in height up to 1130 mm height available on request.

Saldaspigoli CWS 200/300 mm

Corner Welding Machine CWS 200/300

Corner Welding machine CWS 200/300 for working with TIG or plasma welding machines, with sturdy structure equipped with guides for supporting and moving the welding torch.

Pneumatic system for fixing the piece by copper guides, so as to keep the temperature of the piece within optimal values.

The corner welding machine CWS 200/300 is designed to weld corners of bent parts in carbon steels, stainless steel and aluminum. The operator places the piece on the table and presses the lock button. The corner to be welded must touch the external copper guide. The piece is anchored from the inside with a pneumatic cylinder.

By pressing the START button the torch positions itself at the initial welding point and starts welding. The numerical control and dedicated software allow you to save all the work parameters necessary to perform repeated operations.

The parameters that the operator can set are many on the torch and on the welding adjustment.

To carry out the welding, the copper group consisting of an external unit with height of 200 or 300 mm and an internal unit with a height equal to the angle to be welded.

A refrigeration system is avalable on request, recommended to avoid the black on the piece.

The machine has been designed for welding on two axis X and Y

Deburring machine GE30 dry

Belt sanding machine for metal surfaces with a useful working width of up to 300 mm with a single and mobile feed bench with ascent and descent thanks to the handwheel, with double feed speed up to 10 m / min. Configurable up to 3 work groups independently controllable from the control panel.

Brushing machine 728

Industrial brushing machine for pipes with self-braking motor, 2 speeds, with brush manually adjustable by handwheel as a result of wear. Rubber contrast roller with manual inclination system to adjust the diameter to be machined. Pneumatic roller position compensation system with manual adjustment of the working pressure. Complete with column base, extractor hood and electrical system in watertight box equipped with inverter. The machine is designed for cleaning, polishing or satin finishing of round tubes.

Deslagging machine GE65 DCC

Deburring machine with two work groups defined with mobile bench with electronic adjustment from touch screen. Equipped with an abrasive belt unit suitable for removing large burrs from plasma and oxyfuel processing, with a system that allows you to detach them by working only the edges of the piece. Variable speed feed unit with ultra-heat and oil resistant natural rubber conveyor belt.

Deburring machine EASY T

Double tools deburring machine suitable for various processes of metalworking, grinding, deburring, rounding edges and polishing. Equipped with a head mounted on an oscillating arm, which can be tilted through 180 ° for a quick change of the two rotating tools. Adjustable speed and vacuum system for holding the pieces on the work table. In consideration of the desired material and finish, it is possible to mount different types of brushes. Internal dust extraction hood.

Deburring machine FALSTAFF G6

Fixed configuration deburring machine with single abrasive belt working group with mobile bench with adjustment lever with fine control +/- 0,1 and digital thickness display. Advance group with self-centering rubber belt with rubberised pressure rollers before and after the work group and idle roller at the input and output.